Summer Bloomers

So Many Great Hydrangeas


So Many Great Hydrangeas

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Saturday, August 10, 2019


Summer Bloomers


Summer is a great time to enjoy all the wonderful different varieties of Hydrangeas in bloom. From flower heads in circles, cones to conical cone shapes no wonder hydrangeas are used in arrangements to take up space. Favorites are the white hydrangeas in the garden looking so pure, clean and standing out against all green shrubs. Photo below shows the different sizes of flower heads that is a quarter in the center of table to give a perspective of actual size.

Comparison of Hydrangea colors, shapes and sizes that is a quarter in the middle of table.
Hydrangea Trees are a great way to make a huge statement in the landscape.

Hydrangea Tree
Candy Apple is a lime colored, sun loving and blooms on new wood Hydrangea.

Considered a Smooth Hydrangea Annebelle blooms on new wood and has a new and improved variety called Incrediball Hydrangea. Both Hydrangeas like the sun and can get 5'x5'. Bobo Hydrangea is a dwarf 3'x3' white form, likes the sun and blooms on new wood.

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