My services


Architectural drawing, plant schedule and photo album


Onsite guidance for the home owner normally takes 1.5 hour

plant installation

Drawings are implemented with contractors or clients


  • Three separate meetings at your residence
  • Introduction meeting, collect information on clients vision of landscape needs, measurements, and before photography are taken
  • Second meeting, review layout drawings, showing where trees, shrubs, perennials and bulbs would be planted
  • All hardscape issues would be on the layout
  • Final design meeting, receive the design and discuss implementation with contractors
  • Meetings normally last about 1.5 hours
  • Minimum of 6 hours of design time on a typical backyard design


  • Look at existing landscape and give recommendations for hardscape and plants
  • Explain what plants should be removed, pruned or replaced
  • Show photographs of new plant combinations
  • No architectural drawings are given in a consulting appointment since they are normally 1.5 hours in time

plant installation

  • Nursery time to pick out and check the plants for clients (done with the client or without)
  • Containers planted up seasonally
  • Placement of the new plants by designer
  • Spring or Fall Cleanups done with the clients or without, making sure the new design of plants are pruned correctly, healthy and growing properly




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